living in midtown, Kansas City

I recently moved into the city.

Coming from a small town in the middle of North Dakota, anywhere with a population of over 5,000 people was a big city to me.  But no, now I’m really in the city; Kansas City.

The surrounding area of Kansas City has been where I’ve lived for the past six years.  Mostly the southern part, the outskirts, making my way downtown only once in a blue moon.  But now, it’s a whole new world ladies and gentlemen.

I never had a desire to be closer to the downtown region of Kansas City at all, but when I was needing to move out of my apartment in Lee’s Summit this year a good friend of mine insisted the only place they would live is in the city.  I originally wrote this idea off as being too absurd for whatever reason, but after considering it I figured that I may as well try it out for at least a year of my single life and after only a couple months I can say that I’m loving it.

The vibe is totally different, the people so trendy.  I am trying new coffee shops, restaurants, grocery stores, and FINALLY getting to know my way around this city which feels more home now than it ever has before.

My favorite street in Kansas City is Main.  It starts at the beautiful plaza near UMKC and passes through the lights and bars and hills and museums, straight into the heart of downtown.  The tallest buildings stand on either side and you’ll find yourself near the historic river market at the end.

Luckily, I am only a couple blocks off of Main and I can’t wait for the warmer weather to get here so I can go biking down it.

The greatest perks include the nearby entertainment.  Theatres off of Broadway and Main are only minutes away giving me no excuse to skip those concerts I’ve been wanting to go to for years but didn’t care to venture out so far.  Wonderful coffee shops are within a few blocks as well. I am particularly enjoying the Filling Station with their great espresso and freshly made juices.

Also, the area is filled with historic buildings that I absolutely love.  Hyde Park was once the richest area of the city and the houses still reflect those original designs.  My apartment was constructed as a hotel in the 1930’s that has been completely remodeled, yet still keeps its original charm and old fashioned character.

Do you know of any good places to go in the midtown area?  I love exploring more of it and discovering the wealth of beauty in this city.



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