good riddance 2016?

I was listening to a friend’s short recording that they posted on Facebook today in regards to the upcoming new year and it really resonated with me.  This post is in continuation of their thoughts.

2016 was for me and many others a year of hardship and all around suckiness.  But the fact of the matter is, it was all my fault.  Outside happenings such as celebrity deaths, Trump’s election, etc. should not dictate the way we feel about our lives.  For me, my unhappiness came from my own small decisions in life that led to a stagnant and disappointing year.

Most of my unhappiness stemmed from a relationship that I felt very insecure in.  I don’t regret the relationship, it’s something I am glad I went through, however I let that dictate how I felt about life.  It consumed me, and that was my downfall.

The point is, 2017 can be just as bad as 2016 was if you let it.  Unless you change your mindset and do things to better yourself, to move forward, everything will be the same.  So many time our resolutions fail and we get tired of making them, but this is a time when we look at the calendar and re-evaluate our lives.  Look at the good, and make clear and realistic choices to change the less than good.  Do it today, make a plan, and make sure you have something that’s actually motivating.  Something beyond wanting to look good because that motivation will fail you.  Something beyond, ‘I want to be happier’.  What will actually make you happy?  What’s something you miss doing from childhood that always made you feel alive?  Sign up for that class, join that work out crew, start a blog, a vlog, anything that you want!

I highly encourage you to go to Youtube and watch Tony Robbins, New Year New You video.  I’m so glad I didn’t spend all this time writing a complaint letter about the last year like I thought I would a few days ago. Tomorrow is just another day, but you can make it a better day.


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